Hello, Rust! I’m Here to Learn Rust Programming

My Hello World! post as I begin my journey to learn Rust programming

The Rust Language logo. Learn Rust Programming with me by following along here on my blog.
The Rust Logo – from rust-lang.org

Introduction to me and Rust Programming

I am going to learn the Rust systems programming language – for fun! I’m really an application programmer, not a systems programmer, but I’ve been there before! First note, I am not affiliated in any way, nor should this site or its posts be considered an endorsement in any way, by Mozilla which owns the trademarks to Rust and its logo. Used here, with implied permission, for my non-official, non-commercial, soon-to-be-forgotten, blog site.

Progress Update:

Make sure to check out my multipost Web App series which starts here. I might not ever finish the app, but I go through various technologies getting it ready with sessions, oauth, logging, secrets manager, etc! Also follow me along as I learn classic computer science algorithms starting here. I am reading through a freely available book on Algorithms and try to develop them into small sample programs with Rust! More to come I’m sure – I am really excited about continuing to learn the Rust language!

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